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🟠 Digital Guides

The Child Discipline Guide

If you are ready to be an effective, gentle parent, then you need a comprehensive plan!

If you know that time out, spanking, or taking things away is not working, then you are in the right spot because The Guide On Child Discipline will lay out the blueprint of effective gentle discipline so you can move away from disciplinarian practices that hurt the relationship with your children.

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The Coping Strategies Guide

Your children can learn to control big emotions! 

The Coping Strategies Guide is the blueprint you need to start winning at parenting. It guides you step by step on how to equip your children with the coping skills they need to control their own behavior and regulate their own emotions, instead of you trying everything to get them to stop crying, hitting, yelling…

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The 3 Step Method To Communicate Limits Effectively

Repeating yourself is not what your children need, what they need is an effective method they will understand

Do you feel you have to yell for your children to listen? The reality is that raising your voice might work at first to get your children to listen, but it gets harder and harder because over time, your children learn that yelling is your natural way of communicating limits. As a result, they’ll learn not to take you seriously until you yell. Don’t let this happen to you! Start effectively communicating limits that your little ones understand and are encouraged to follow at their developmental stage, all in 3 simple steps.

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The System To Break Play Dependency

Your don't have a "clingy" child, she just needs to develop her independent play skills!

This guide walks you through a 4 step process to break your child’s play dependency cycle and develop his independent play skills so he is able to keep himself entertained for long stretches of time while maintaining a healthy connection with you.

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Managing Your Triggers Guide

Get scientifically proven ways to reveal the root of the unhealthy reactions you have to your child’s behavioral or emotional outbursts.

The Managing Your Triggers Digital Guide is designed for parents with children of all ages who want to stop unhealthy reactions such as yelling, passive aggression, or emotional disconnection and learn to proactively manage their temper so they can parent respectfully and respond assertively to behavior.

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Navigating Hard Conversations With Your Teen

You want to be able to have hard conversations with your teen without them shutting you down. Many parents feel uncomfortable talking about hard topics with their teens because they didn’t have these conversations with their parents either. This digital guide will give you a step-by-step roadmap so you can start having hard conversations with your teen without them shutting down on you. You will learn the most effective tools to start building a relationship of trust and openness, so they’ll want to and enjoy talking to you in the future.

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🟠 Workshops

Tantrums Workshop (Spanish Version Included)

Learn the 4 steps to stop your child's tantrums in less than 5 minutes

This product will show you the exact steps I’ve been using for over 8 years to STOP tantrums in less than 5 minutes with my little therapeutic clients and my 4 year old twins at home.

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Sleep Workshop

What if you could eliminate your child's bedtime battles and prevent multiple night wake ups in just 3 steps?

A sleep Consultant and a Parent coach come together in this workshop to show you the exact 3 steps that took their clients from sleep deprived mommas to eliminating bedtime battles and multiple night wake ups without letting their children cry it out.

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On The Same Page

Workshop For Couples Who Look To Get On The Same Page To Design Together The Parenting Their Children Need To Thrive In The REAL World

If you and your partner are trying to raise strong, capable & respectful children but you find yourself disagreeing on parenting choices and styles, then the 3-day "On The Same Page" Online workshop will unify you with your partner so that you can leave bickering behind and work together to focus on what is most important.

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Holidays To HoliYAYS

Workshop For Gentle Parents Who NEED To Set Boundaries With Family, Model Effective Gentle Discipline Strategies, And Avoid Arguments Over Parenting Choices With Unsupportive Relatives during the holidays

This Workshop will prepare you to rise above the judgmental opinions of family members, set clear boundaries with those who aim to correct your parenting choices, and equip you to discipline confidently during Holiday get-togethers.

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The Montessori Bootcamp

The 3 Day Online Montessori Boot camp To Promote Independence And Develop Life Skills Your Child's Growing Brain Craves. For Parents Of Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Kindergartners.

Angela Chang (Certified Montessori Coach) will show you step by step how to set up your home and will teach you how to develop life skills in your children while promoting independence with simple materials you have at home.

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No More BackTalk 

You don’t want to have a tense relationship with your teen. They don’t want it either. You have tried so many strategies and nothing seems to work or stick. In this 90-minute workshop, you will get practical and scientifically-proven strategies to get you off the battlefield, so you can stop the arguments before they even start.

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🟠 E-Book

The Considerate Conversation Formula

The considerate Conversation Formula provides a proven communication flow to help you peacefully guide your children from "chaos" to "calm" in 5 simple steps.

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I am here to help you. I am a mom of twins, a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and I help parents respond to their children’s behaviors with what they exactly need.

I have helped children in the Therapeutic Foster Care program with their behaviors for over 8 years, in addition to thousands of parents around the world through private consultations, my online programs and guides, and millions of parents through TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and my email subscription.