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Our mission is to help parents break free from frustration, bring peace to their home environment and raise emotionally healthy children.

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Bridging the gap from overwhelmed to confident, so you can experience joy and connection in your parenting

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Discipline Without Harm

Game-Changing Tools for Gentle Discipline that Work!


✔️ Do you desire to discipline your child without causing harm or resorting to punishment or bribes?

✔️ Are you overwhelmed by power struggles, shouting matches, and bouts of parenting guilt? 

✔️ Discipline Without Damage is the ultimate resource full of gentle discipline tools that will change your game.

My name is Marcela Collier (Head Coach of HIC Parenting). On behalf of myself and team HIC Parenting, I want to express our excitement and gratitude that you decided to join us.
We have helped thousands of parents worldwide break free from frustration and angry reactions and bring peace to their home environment so they can raise emotionally healthy children.  I know this will be an absolute game changer for your parenting journey, no matter your stage.
You are in the right place if you are determined to raise emotionally healthy children and have more peace and joy in your parenting. 

Are you ready to end the generational legacy of parenting frustration?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to parent with ease and joy, rather than managing your inner chaos and never-ending frustration? Empower Your Parenting Journey with the 2 Master Tools: Transition from Frustration to Harmony. 

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Nov 28, 2023

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