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HIC Parenting Digital Guides

The Child Discipline Guide

If you know that time out, spanking or taking things away is not working, then you are in the right spot because The Guide On Child Discipline will lay out for you the blueprint of effective gentle discipline so you can move away from disciplinarian practices that hurt the relationship with your children.

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The Coping Strategies Guide

The blueprint you need to start winning at parenting. It guides you step by step on how to equip your children with the coping skills they need to control their own behavior and regulate their own emotions, instead of you trying everything to get them to stop crying, hitting, yelling…

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The System To Break Play Dependency

This Digital Guide will walks you through a 4 step process to break your child’s play dependency cycle and develop his independent play skills so he is able to keep himself entertained for long stretches of time while maintaining a healthy connection with you.

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The 3 Step Method

The reality is that raising your voice might work at first to get your children to listen, but it gets harder and harder because over time your children learn that yelling is your natural way of communicating limits. As a result, they’ll learn not to take you seriously until you yell.

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Managing Your Triggers

Designed for parents with children of all ages who want to stop unhealthy reactions such as yelling, passive aggression, or emotional disconnection and learn to proactively manage their temper so they can parent respectfully and respond assertively to behavior.

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