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HIC Parenting Workshops

Break The Yelling Cycle

This self-paced course is your key to breaking free from those frustrating yelling cycles. In three days, grasp the real reasons behind those heated moments and equip yourself with effective tools to stay composed.

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Tantrums Workshop

(Spanish Version Included)

This product will show you the exact steps I’ve been using for over 8 years to STOP tantrums in less than 5 minutes with my little therapeutic clients and my 4 year old twins at home.

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Transform Bedtime from Chaos to Calm

A sleep Consultant and a Parent coach come together in this workshop to show you the exact 3 steps that took their clients from sleep deprived mommas to eliminating bedtime battles and multiple night wake ups without letting their children cry it out

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On The Same Page

If you and your partner are trying to raise strong, capable & respectful children but you find yourself disagreeing on parenting choices and styles, then the 3-day "On The Same Page" Online workshop will unify you with your partner so that you can leave bickering behind and work together to focus on what is most important.

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The Montessori Bootcamp

Angela Chang (Certified Montessori Coach) will show you step by step how to set up your home and will teach you how to develop life skills in your children while promoting independence with simple materials you have at home.

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