How to Have 'The Talk' Without the Cringe: Navigating Hard Conversations With Your Teen

You want to be able to have hard conversations with your teen without them shutting you down. Many parents feel uncomfortable talking about hard topics with their teens because they didn’t have these conversations with their parents either. This digital guide will give you a step-by-step roadmap so you can start having hard conversations with your teen without them shutting down on you. You will learn the most effective tools to start building a relationship of trust and openness, so they’ll want to and enjoy talking to you in the future.

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No more Back-Talk

You don’t want to have a tense relationship with your teen. They don’t want it either. You have tried so many strategies and nothing seems to work or stick. In this 90-minute workshop, you will get practical and scientifically-proven strategies to get you off the battlefield, so you can stop the arguments before they even start.

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