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Epi #94. Gentle Parenting Through a Father's Eyes

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Epi #94. Gentle Parenting Through a Father's Eyes

In my journey as a parenting coach, I've encountered a shared concern among many fathers: the challenge of diverging from their own upbringing to embrace gentle parenting while still fostering resilience in their children. 

How can they nurture emotionally intelligent and strong individuals ready to face life's challenges? 

To explore this, I turned to an insightful source — my husband, a dedicated practitioner of gentle parenting. 

Here's a deeper look into gentle parenting from a father's perspective, offering insights on how to maintain firmness and compassion.

Section 1: Embracing Gentle Parenting

Brian's Insight:

"I grew up in a household where spanking was the norm, and I thought it was the right approach since I turned out fine. 

However, my perspective shifted radically when we became foster parents. 

The experience, which required non-physical discipline, opened my eyes to the effectiveness of gentle parenting. 

It wasn't just about the children's positive response; it was about transforming my understanding of strength and emotional communication. 

Now, as a father to my own children, I focus on nurturing their ability to express and manage emotions constructively. 

This, I believe, is the real strength they'll need as they grow into men."

Section 2: The Fatherly Approach to Gentle Parenting

Brian's Perspective:

"Gentle parenting as a father has its unique nuances. 

I've found that my tone naturally carries a certain authority that differs from my wife's, and staying calm is a continuous effort. 

Yes, there are moments I raise my voice, but what's important is the repair and reconnection that follows. 

I've learned that respect doesn't require fear or physical discipline. Instead, it's about consistency, understanding, and a firm but respectful demeanor. 

This approach has allowed me to maintain a respectful and loving relationship with my boys without compromising my role as their guide and protector."

Section 3: A Father's Strength in Gentle Parenting

Brian's Reflection:

"The greatest strength I bring as a father is my ability to dissociate my children's behavior from my personal emotions and ego. 

Many fathers perceive their children's challenging behavior as a direct form of disrespect and respond with escalated discipline to assert authority. 

I choose to view their actions through a lens of understanding, recognizing that bad behavior often reflects unmet needs or overwhelming emotions. 

This perspective empowers me to remain composed and address the root of their behavior, fostering an environment of mutual respect and growth."

Section 4: A Message to Fathers Everywhere

Brian's Message:

"To all fathers navigating the path of parenting, understand that being gentle doesn't equate to being permissive or weak. 

Gentle parenting is about guiding your children through their emotions and helping them understand themselves while doing the same for yourself. 

It's about being an emotionally present and responsive father, one who can be both a pillar of strength and a source of comfort. 

By embracing both firmness and kindness, you are setting a foundation for your children to become emotionally intelligent, strong, and respectful individuals."


Gentle parenting from a father's perspective brings unique challenges and strengths. 

It's about redefining what it means to be strong and present in your children's lives. 

By understanding and integrating these insights, fathers can embark on a fulfilling journey of raising well-rounded, resilient, and compassionate individuals.

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