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Epi #92. My Top Parenting Goals for 2024 and My Plan for Success.

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Epi #92. My Top Parenting Goals for 2024 and My Plan for Success.

My Top Parenting Goals for 2024 and My Plan for Success. 

As we're wrapping up 2023, I'm excited to share with you my top parenting goals for 2024. 

Each year brings a fresh start, new challenges, and opportunities to strengthen our bonds with our kids. 

For me, it's about evolving alongside my twins, adapting to their growth, and being the parent they need through every new stage. 

Before I delve into my goals, let’s reflect on the progress we all have made this past year. And I'm thrilled to share some amazing transformations from our HIC Parenting Education clients - stories of families achieving peace and emotional well-being.

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My 2024 Parenting Goals:

  1. Understanding My Unique Needs:

   - This year marked a significant milestone for me – my autism diagnosis. 

It's opened my eyes to my specific needs, especially around sensory processing. 

My goal for 2024 is to deepen this self-awareness and develop daily routines to support my well-being. 

I plan to be proactive in managing sensory overload during events like my kids' school functions, bringing along items like noise-canceling headphones and stimming toys. 

Taking care of my needs means I can be more present and authentic for my twins.

  1. Discovering Each Child’s Individual Needs:

   - At the heart of our Parenting With Understanding™ approach is recognizing that each behavior communicates a need. 

My aim for 2024 is to delve deeper into understanding each of my twin's unique personalities and needs as they turn eight. 

I'll be observing them, reading up on developmental stages and autism, and adapting my parenting accordingly. 

This becomes especially clear when we observe their individual behaviors and responses to various situations. 

Take, for instance, a recent experience I had with my twins while they were engaged in a seemingly simple activity - building gingerbread houses.

As they embarked on this festive task, I couldn't help but notice the stark differences in their approaches. 

My neurodivergent son meticulously lined up all the cookie pieces before even thinking about assembling them. 

This was his way of organizing his thoughts and making sense of the task at hand. 

Meanwhile, his brother dove straight into the action, eagerly grabbing pieces and starting to build.

In many households, such contrasting play styles could easily lead to sibling conflict. 

One child's methodical approach might be interrupted by the other's impulsive actions, sparking frustration on both sides. 

However, the key lies in recognizing and respecting these differences as expressions of their individual needs.

By understanding that my neurodivergent son's need to line up the pieces was not just a preference but a necessity for his cognitive processing, I was able to facilitate an environment where both could thrive. 

This understanding allowed me to guide their interaction, ensuring that each had the space and respect needed to engage in their own style.

As a result, both children were able to work together harmoniously, each contributing in their own way to the creation of their gingerbread houses. 

  1. Implementing Regular Family Meetings:

   - Another goal is to establish regular family meetings, a strategy that worked wonders with my foster son. 

These meetings are fantastic for recognizing achievements and collaboratively solving problems. 

For example, if bedtime routines are dragging, we'll discuss it in a family meeting, allowing everyone to contribute ideas. This approach not only solves problems effectively but also fosters a sense of collaboration and mutual respect.

A memorable example of this was when my foster son, during one such meeting, proposed an ingenious solution to his bedtime stalling. 

He suggested we create a 'Last Wish Basket'. 

This basket would contain slips of paper with various bedtime wishes written on them. 

Each night, he could pick one slip from the basket, and that would be his special bedtime wish for the night. 

It could be anything from an extra story to a favorite snack - as long as it was pre-approved and placed in the basket.

This idea not only significantly reduced his bedtime stalling but also brought a new element of excitement and anticipation to his nightly routine. 

He relished in the autonomy of choosing his bedtime wish and took great pride in the wishes he had personally written. 

The 'Last Wish Basket' became a cherished part of our family's bedtime routine, showcasing the effectiveness and creativity that can emerge from family meetings.

Through practices like these, we nurture an environment where every family member feels valued and heard. 

Problems are no longer hurdles but opportunities for collective creativity and cooperation. 

This approach doesn’t just solve immediate issues; it builds a foundation of mutual respect and understanding, essential qualities for any harmonious family dynamic.

Wrapping Up and Looking Forward:

So, what are your parenting goals for 2024? 

Whether they are foundational goals like reducing reactivity or specific ones like mine, remember, you're not alone on this journey. 

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