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Epi. #85 How to Bring Peace to Your Home When You Have 4+ Kids: A Journey from Chaos to Calm

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Epi. #85 How to Bring Peace to Your Home When You Have 4+ Kids: A Journey from Chaos to Calm

Think of a house full of kids — four or more. It's loud, like a busy playground, and every day is a juggle of different moods and things to do. But guess what? Even in all that noise and rush, calmness is possible. That's how Aireal’s story starts. Let's hear it.


Aireal’s Before Living at the Mercy of Triggers


Aireal, a dedicated mother of four, once found herself caught in the eye of the storm. She was perpetually on edge, her voice hoarse from yelling, and the joy of parenting buried under layers of stress and confusion. 


Despite her efforts in therapy, anger was a constant companion, and parenting felt more like a burden than a blessing.


The Turning Point: Seeking Change


Aireal’s journey is not an unfamiliar one. 


Many parents, especially those juggling the needs of multiple children, find themselves in similar situations. 


The yearning for change becomes a silent scream in their daily lives.


The Joyful Transformation


Then, the transformation began. Aireal learned to calm her internal triggers and chaos, calm her children, and meet their needs.  


The shift was profound. From the chaos emerged a joyful, calmer version of Aireal. 


She learned to respond instead of reacting, applying brain science to understand and effectively communicate with each child.


Parenting Individuals, Not Just a Group


One of Aireal’s key realizations was the importance of seeing her children as individuals with unique needs, not just as a collective group. 


This paradigm shift allowed her to tailor her parenting approach, creating a more harmonious family environment.


The Ripple Effect: Beyond Parenting


The benefits of Aireal's transformation extended beyond parenting. 


Her professional life blossomed, her marriage strengthened, and the concept of a joyful family environment became a reality, even with the inherent challenges of parenting multiple children.


Aerial is one of our coaching clients in the HIC Parenting Education Agency. With the direct support of Marcela and her team of HIC coaches, she transformed her life from frustration to peace and is now raising emotionally confident children. 


Your Journey Awaits


Are you eager to transform your parenting experience and cultivate a peaceful home, even with four or more kids? 


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