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Epi #80. Overcoming the 4 Beliefs That Hold You Back in Conscious Parenting

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Epi #80. Overcoming the 4 Beliefs That Hold You Back in Conscious Parenting

Have you ever felt like parenting should come with a manual? 📖 You’re not alone! 

We all dream of having a connected, joyful home where cooperation flows and everyone feels understood. 

But let’s face it, even with all the gentle parenting books and Instagram advice, we still find ourselves on the struggle bus—raising our voices, feeling overwhelmed, and wondering, “Am I doing this right?”

Let’s dive into some common beliefs that might keep us stuck and explore how to turn the tide!


- Belief 1: I Should Have All the Parenting Answers, Right?

Social bias, we’re looking at you! 

Society has us believing we should instinctively know how to raise our kids. But here’s the kicker—parenting isn’t a one-size-fits-all!

- Our Behavior Pattern:

We shy away from asking for help, turning instead to social media snippets that often leave us needing clarification. 

Sound familiar?

- Outcome:

Hello, information overload! The conflicting messages and constant comparison can make us feel like we’re falling short.

- Solution:

Seeking professional parenting help isn’t a weakness—it’s a stepping stone to growth! 

Let’s embrace our unique journeys and stop the comparison game. After all, every family is wonderfully different!


-Belief 2: But I’m Kind, Why Isn’t My Child?

Expecting our little ones always to reciprocate kindness is like expecting a fish to climb a tree! 

Developmentally, they’re learning the ropes of managing emotions.

- Behavior Pattern:

Feeling disillusioned because our kiddos can’t always keep their cool? 

You’re not alone!

- Outcome:

It can feel like our children are taking advantage of our kindness, making us second-guess our gentle parenting approach.

- Solution

It's time for a reality check on brain development! 

Understanding what’s realistic for our children’s age can bridge the gap and keep the parenting journey smooth.


- Belief 3: My Worth is Tied to My Child’s Behavior 

Feeling like every tantrum is a reflection of your parenting? 

We’ve all been there! It’s time to step away from the competitive parenting race.

- Behavior Pattern:

Viewing every action (or meltdown) as a reflection of our parenting can turn life into a competition for who has the most well-behaved child, so we compare our children to others. 

- Outcome:

When our kids don’t fit the “perfect child” mold, it hits us right in our self-worth. But remember, every child is unique!

- Solution:

Let’s reframe our thinking! Every behavior allows our child to communicate a need, not a scoreboard on our parenting.


- Belief 4: If We’re Not on the Same Page, It Won’t Work

Differing parenting styles with our co-parents don’t have to spell disaster! It’s all about finding the balance and working together.

- Behavior Pattern:

Trying to control our spouse’s parenting style. 

It can lead to more disagreements than agreements!

- Outcome

The confusion is real for our kids when parents argue constantly. 

- Solution

Leading by example and fostering open communication can bring harmony and collaboration to the parenting journey!


Wrapping It Up!

Breaking free from these beliefs is like unlocking the door to a more connected and joyful parenting experience! 

Seeking guidance, understanding our children’s development, and embracing our unique family dynamics are the keys to a peaceful home. 

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