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Epi #75. Tools for the Tired, Touched Out Parent πŸ’ͺ😴

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HIC Parenting Education
Epi #75. Tools for the Tired, Touched Out Parent πŸ’ͺ😴

Every day as a parent is a heartwarming journey filled with the sweet chirrups of our children, their tight hugs, and little pecks. 

But amidst these beautiful moments, there are times when parents feel worn out, seeking a moment of solace and personal space. 

If you often feel overwhelmed and 'touched out,' understanding your sensory needs and the childhood wounds of rejection might be the keys to reclaiming your balance.

Parental Sensory Needs: Beyond the Surface

It's not just about the physical touch. At the heart of this exhaustion is an intricate dance of sensory overload and past emotional baggage.

πŸ” Understanding Sensory Overwhelm: We are designed to respond to our children's cues, but a constant barrage of sensory inputs – from their touch to their voice – can lead to feeling overwhelmed. 

This might result in feelings of wanting to retreat or, at times, an unexpected burst of irritation.

Carrying the Weight of Past Rejection

From our childhood, many of us bear the scars of rejection. 

This past pain can sometimes push us to overcompensate in our parenting, desperately seeking acceptance through endless giving, often at the cost of our own needs and well-being.

1. Acknowledge Your Sensory Boundaries

🌱 Daily Introspection: Pause and introspect. Are there specific triggers that make you feel more overwhelmed? Recognizing them is the first step toward addressing them.

2. Navigating Sensory Overload

🌳 Nature's Embrace: Regular walks amidst greenery can provide a sensory break, a chance to recharge.

🎧 Silence, Please: Invest in noise-canceling headphones for those moments you crave quietude.

🌸 Soothing Aromas: Essential oils like lavender can act as a sensory balm, calming your frayed nerves.

3. Healing Emotional Scars

πŸ“– Pour Your Heart Out: Through journaling, trace back your feelings, identifying triggers linked to past emotional wounds.

πŸ’¬ Parenting Coaching: A coaching space can help you navigate and make peace with your past, ensuring they don't seep into your parenting. Click here to apply for HIC Parenting Coaching 

4. Embrace Mindfulness and Set Boundaries

🧘‍♀️ Stay Present: Techniques like meditation can anchor you to the present, preventing past traumas from overshadowing current experiences.

🚫 Teach Boundaries: Educate your children about personal boundaries, ensuring they respect moments when you need a sensory break. If your children are small, we encourage you to build a support system of relatives, neighbors, teachers, etc…

Your Next Steps Forward

Feeling 'touched out' doesn't make you less loving or devoted as a parent. 

It's merely a reminder that you have needs, too. 

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