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Epi #49. How to Overcome Reactivity as A Mom with ADHD (Part 2)

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Epi #49. How to Overcome Reactivity as A Mom with ADHD (Part 2)

👋🏽 Hi, Cycle Breakers! Today’s episode is the 2nd (and final) part of last week’s episode, a coaching session with Erin. She’s a widowed mom of 3 young children (one who’s Autistic) and has ADHD.

🤯 In all my years of coaching, it never ceases to amaze me whenever I have the honor of witnessing a parental breakthrough! It’s like the flood gates open and they start connecting the dots from their past to their present. It’s truly remarkable and something I never take for granted.

👩🏻‍🏫 This coaching session with Erin didn’t disappoint! Listen in as I coach her through some of the childhood experiences that have shaped her as a person and mom and help her find solutions to improve the relationship with her oldest child.

Episode Insights

  • 🔁 Realization of how the past repeats itself in the present
  • 🧰 Tools to curb reactivity
  • 🧠 Reconsidering and attaching new meanings to old mindsets
  • 🧘‍♀️ Grounding techniques and affirmations to manage our triggers

Episode Resources

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