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Epi #47. How to Get on the Same Page with Your Spouse Over Parenting

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Epi #47. How to Get on the Same Page with Your Spouse Over Parenting

💝 Happy Valentine’s Day, Cycle Breakers! In the spirit of this special day, dedicated to love, today’s episode is all about how to deepen the connection between you and your partner/spouse.

It’s all too easy for life stressors to take a toll on everything: parenting, work, marriage, etc. But, it doesn’t have to! I’ll explain how to establish a strong foundation for your relationship, so the bickering ends & teamwork can begin! 🫂

Episode Insights

The key to a healthy relationship

Common causes of marital problems

What are “thinking errors” and how are they created?

How to get into agreement with your spouse/partner

Episode Resources

🔗 If you’d like to take a deeper dive into doing this work, our “On the Same Page” Workshop will teach you and your partner how to communicate effectively, so you can both better understand and support one another. You can learn more by clicking the link below.


The Roadmap to End the Struggle Between Parents and Tweens/Teens


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