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Epi #45. From Frustrated to Confidently Parenting Her 3 Year Old: Cycle Breaker Spotlight

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Epi #45. From Frustrated to Confidently Parenting Her 3 Year Old: Cycle Breaker Spotlight

👋🏽 Hi, Cycle Breakers! We’re closing out the first month of 2023 with Beau. She’s a mom of a 3 year old son & a member of our Parenting With Understanding™ Program & Advance Mentorship Program.

She & her husband grew up in very traditional Latino households, where they were disciplined with yelling & spankings. When their son was born, Beau knew that she wanted to raise him differently. 🚼

Upon discovering Parenting With Understanding™, she knew she was in the right place & admitted to gaining so much more than she bargained for! 🙌🏽

New Mom

Beau always knew she wanted a different experience for her son, so she immersed herself in learning as much as she could about child development. While she learned a lot of new info, she often felt like something was missing. 🔍

Parenting With Understanding™

As her search for parenting in a way that aligned with her values continued, she found our socials, followed along, & attended a live masterclass. After the class, she finally felt like she found what was missing and was where she belonged! 👌🏽

Beau joined the Parenting With Understanding™ Program and dove into the course material to learn more about child development, so that she can better understand her son. 🧠

While she found tremendous value in the program, she sometimes felt like a piece was missing, so she joined the Advance Mentorship Program, a service exclusive to members of the Parenting With Understanding™ Program, and filled in that missing piece. 🧩


Now, Beau was able to meet with Marcela & Rachael every week to ask specific questions and receive detailed answers based on her family’s particular struggles. She also found community with like-minded parents who’d either gone through the same thing or were currently going through it with her. 🫂

It was this aspect that taught her about herself as a person & mom, something she hadn’t considered. Her experience in both programs blessed her ten-fold, especially because she’s estranged from her family, her in-laws criticize gentle parenting, and society tells parents that this parenting style is permissive & will lead to “enititled, bratty, spoiled, & fragile “snowflakes”. 🤨


Beau and her family have grown by leaps and bounds since joining the Parenting With Understanding™ Program. She mentioned that even her husband listens to our podcast and uses our terminology to describe their son’s behaviors. He was always supportive and has enjoyed learning on this journey, alongside her. They’re much less frustrated & much more confident in their parenting, & they’re excited to experience everything this journey brings their way! 🧑‍🤝‍🧑*

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