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Epi #43: Need help transitioning my toddler to sleep in own bed. Coaching Session Part 1

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Epi #43: Need help transitioning my toddler to sleep in own bed. Coaching Session Part 1

👋🏼 Hi, Cycle Breakers! You’ll meet Crystal in the first part of this 2-part episode. She’s a mom of 2 boys, ages 3.5 & 4 months old.

Parental Pain Point

Crystal’s older son has had trouble adjusting to his little brother’s arrival & wants to stay attached to her all day, even & especially during bedtime. He always wakes up from his bed & makes his way to her bedroom to fall asleep in hers, instead. 😩

How It Makes Her Feel

Crystal mentioned that whenever her son struggles, she tries implementing all the gentle parenting tips she’s learned from books and social media accounts. However, none of what she’s learned has led to a breakthrough with her older son, so it makes her feel defeated, incompetent, and stuck. 😞

Where Do These Feelings Come From?

Marcela coached Crystal through those limiting beliefs of not being good enough and helped her uncover where they originated from. Crystal shared that she wasn’t allowed to tantrum or show strong emotions as a child because she feared getting in trouble with her parents. This led her to become a perfectionist who feels like she always has to have it together. 🎭

How It Manifests in Her Parenting

These feelings of not measuring up and perceived incompetence stem from her childhood, where she was expected to automatically know what to do to prevent herself from tantruming or being “needy”. She had to perform perfectly to avoid getting in trouble and continues to carry those unconscious beliefs with her in her parenting because she blames herself for her oldest son’s behavior, fearing she went wrong somewhere or caused it. 😰

What’s Next?

Come back next week for the 2nd part of this episode, where Marcela coaches Crystal through solutions to her preschooler’s bedtime battles, so that she and her son can finally get a long-overdue, good night’s sleep! 😴*

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