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Epi #41. New Year, New Parenting

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HIC Parenting Education
Epi #41. New Year, New Parenting

πŸ₯³ Happy New Year, Cycle Breakers! As we welcome 2023 & celebrate new beginnings, we thought it was fitting to introduce you to HIC’s newest program. 🀩

The Transformed Parent, launching late this month / early February is a fully comprehensive program, in that it’s both parent AND child-centric, which sets it apart from any other available parenting program. 😌

Prepare to get excited as you listen in to everything you can look forward to in our new, revolutionary program! 😁

What’s The Transformed Parent Group-Coaching Program?

It’s HIC’s first-ever program that isn’t self-paced. In other words, you’ll have a parenting coach by your side for 14 weeks, every step of the way, until you achieve your parenting transformation! πŸŽ‰

Most importantly, the entire process will be personalized to you and your unique family dynamics as you advance in the course because your assigned parenting coach will know the specifics of your struggles! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

What’s more, we know that in order to best help your children and truly transform your parenting, you must first learn about yourself as a parent: desires, needs, and strengths. With that in mind, we decided it would be ideal to break the program down into 2 parts: parent-centric and child-centric, meaning that it’s fully comprehensive because it focuses on understanding both the parent and child, setting it apart from any other available parent-coaching program. 😌

Another key, intentional component is that it’s all done within a small community (no more than 10 to a group). We know how lonely it can feel to be the first to break generational cycles, so we believe it’s important to feel supported by others who can relate, in a non-judgmental environment, so you realize you really aren’t alone, feel safe enough to be vulnerable, and grow together. πŸ«‚

What’s the S.E.L.F. Formula?

At HIC, we developed the S.E.L.F. formula, to describe the journey towards your parenting transformation from within.

Secure: Feeling safe and secure in your body, with a regulated nervous system, will help you find success in applying and practicing gentle parenting strategies. It’s the foundation of it all! If you’re consuming all the gentle parenting content: books, Tik Toks, etc., and everything makes sense in theory; but nothing changes and you’re not experiencing the results you’ve been hoping for because you’re not in a good place, it could manifest as struggling to stay regulated enough to help calm your child or being triggered by your kids’ behaviors and becoming reactive. πŸ’₯

Educated: Learning about brain science and child development is integral to your success because they’re the building blocks for the expectations you have for your kids. When we don’t have a basic understanding of brain development, we may buy into widely-accepted, pre-conceived notions of our kids, i.e. they’re manipulative or rebellious, and place unrealistic expectations on them, as if they’re little adults. 😒

For example, research shows that young children aren’t inherently able to put themselves in another’s shoes or understand how others feel, until age 9. When kids seem to act this way on their own, it’s from the modeling they’ve received from their primary care givers. Our program aims to help you rewire your mindset regarding what your kids can/can’t do, so you can meet them at their developmental level. 🧎🏻‍♀️

Loving: We’ll preface this with the following: this isn’t to say that you’re currently unloving towards your child. It’s obvious you love them fiercely; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, learning how to be the best parent you can for them. πŸ˜‰

What we mean by loving is showing them psychological and emotional love too, not just physical. It’s a call to better understand their behaviors, so you can stay connected to them all while setting limits, expressing anger, releasing aggression, and showing up for them in a loving manner. πŸ₯°

Fun: It’s one of the most effective tools to gain our kids’ cooperation. Plus, it also helps make parenting more enjoyable! We’ll teach you how to discover your relationship with play/fun, and incorporate fun elements in your parenting to help ward off power struggles. No worries, fun doesn’t necessarily mean silly, goofy, etc. The point is that it’s possible to find fun in everything, even the tough, seemingly ordinary and mundane aspects of parenting. 😁

We’re so excited for The Transformed Parent’s launch! We’re confident it’ll absolutely lead you to the parenting transformation you’ve been dreaming of! * 🌠

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