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Epi #25: How Miranda Brought Peaceful Sibling Interaction: Cycle-Breaker Spotlight

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Epi #25: How Miranda Brought Peaceful Sibling Interaction: Cycle-Breaker Spotlight

On today’s episode, we’ll hear from Miranda. She’s a member of the Parenting With Understanding™ Program, mom of 2, wife, veteran, and teacher. She’ll explain her process for decreasing sibling rivalry between her son and daughter; as well as how she was able to teach her husband how to parent with understanding™. It’s safe to say that the whole family has grown and stretched to become the best versions of themselves.


Miranda is a Latina mom who grew up with traditional, authoritarian discipline methods: spanking, yelling, threats, and blind obedience. So, when she first became a mom when her son was born 5 years ago, she naturally followed the only parenting style she ever knew and repeated the same patterns with her son and daughter as her parents had done with her.

Parenting With Understanding™ Program:

Thanks to the Parenting With Understanding™ Program, Miranda learned that all behavior communicates a need and it’s led her to establishing a strong connection and respectful relationship with her children. She attributes that shift to her newfound knowledge and coping skills that have taught her how to respond to her kids, rather than react to them, like she used to do. Being a member of the program also helped her guide her husband on this new, respectful parenting style they’ve adopted.


Miranda is now able to easily read her children’s cues for when they need a break from each other, so that either of them can get alone time with her, and have that need for connection fulfilled. She admits that it can get tricky when they both want her attention at the same time, but she’s developed a strategy where she makes sure to spend time with one of them, while the other engages in independent play, and then alternates. This has helped quell sibling rivalry among her kids and introduced more peace into their household.*

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