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Epi #23. Montessori Home & Montessori Home-School

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Epi #23. Montessori Home & Montessori Home-School

Montessori Home & Montessori Home-School

Today, you’ll hear from Angela Chang, creator of the online Montessori Bootcamp, currently being offered by HIC Parenting. With a new school year upon us, she’ll share how you can set up your home in a way that reflects Montessori values, regardless if you choose to homeschool or not. Listen as she explains how we can set our kids up to be more independent, all within age-appropriate limits. In other exciting news, we’re thrilled to bring back the Montessori Bootcamp this weekend, Friday, September 2nd through Sunday, September 4th, 2022! During that time, Angela will join our private Facebook group, exclusive to members who join the Montessori Bootcamp, to enlighten us on ways we can help our kids foster and hone necessary life skills. We urge you to take advantage because it’ll be 50% OFF! If interested, you can click the link at the end of this post to register.

Differences Between Traditional VS Montessori Environment





Dependence on adults for life skills

Independent with life skills



Expects child to conform to generic standards

Follows child’s natural development

Little to no respect for children

Thoroughly based on respect for children

More nagging & power struggles; less teamwork

More teamwork; less power struggles & nagging

Child’s opinion isn’t valued; just expected to follow adult’s orders

Child feels like a valuable member of the family because their involvement is encouraged

Montessori Benefits for Older Kids

Angela is a mom to two daughters, ages 6 and 8. Since they’ve been exposed to the Montessori method for so many years, they’ve had lots of scaffolding that’s allowed her oldest daughter to independently:

  • Make pancakes for the family

  • Do her own laundry from start to finish (decides when to wash; places in washer; adds soap; switches to dryer; folds; and puts away)

Because Angela took the time to separately teach each skill to her daughter over the years, it’s built up her confidence to where she believes in her own capabilities to independently perform these tasks well, resulting in a strong sense of pride in her accomplishments. Also, when she’s a tween and teen, she’ll already have so many years of experience with these life skills, that Angela likely won’t have to constantly remind her or teach her how to thoroughly clean her room or pick up after herself. Less nagging and potential for arguments…sounds like a win to me!

At-Home Montessori Misconceptions

The Montessori Method isn’t something tangible that can be bought, it’s a mindset and parenting philosophy where you trust that your child is working towards their own development, while you observe and provide what they need to reach their potential.

  • No need for fancy or expensive toys or materials because it can easily be implemented with everything you already have at home.

  • Size of your home is irrelevant. It can be learned and applied successfully in a tiny or large home.

At-Home Montessori 

Set up your home to serve your children, not the other way around. 

  • Place items in places where it’s easily accessible to kids (lower shelves/drawers in kitchen/bathroom)

  • Provide tools for them that will help keep them safe as they learn (step-stool; kid-friendly, food-prep cutlery; etc.)

Change your perspective from child-proofing the house to figuring out how to best set up the home to where they can explore it all safely. There’s a difference!

Montessori Home-Schooling

Can be done, even if you’re not a certified Montessori teacher. Your child will be your main guide, as it’s highly tailored to them as an individual. You observe their interests and what they need. Then, figure out how to incorporate it all into the learning environment and prepare your materials accordingly. 

At-Home Montessori with Public Schooling

Angela and I homeschooled our kids for preschool, but they’ve all been in public school since Kindergarten. They were well prepared for the transition to school for many reasons. For example, Angela’s daughters had advanced motor skills since they’d already been exercising them for many years. They were also more advanced at recognizing letter sounds, numbers, and quantities. Children who’ve been exposed to the Montessori method at home tend to easily take on a leadership role where they’re able to help their classmates, another important life skill. When my twins started traditional school, they were already reading as a natural progression of their Montessori foundation, even without me pushing it on them. Angela and I believe that our kids’ exposures to the Montessori method early in life will influence them to become life-long learners.*

The Montessori Bootcamp will go through all of the basics you’ll need to know to get a head-start on your own at-home Montessori journey. What you see Montessori kids doing on social media is also possible in your home! All you need are the right tools to prepare the environment to facilitate their learning.


The Montessori Bootcamp


Private Facebook Group

All registrants who purchase the bootcamp will have exclusive access to our private Montessori Bootcamp Facebook group this weekend, Friday, September 2nd through Sunday, September 4th, where Angela will join in to help you on your journey. She can be found on Instagram at: @AngelaMomtessori or you can check out her blog at

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