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Epi #21. How Cynthia Transitioned from Punishment to Parenting With Understanding™: Cycle-Breaker Spotlight

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HIC Parenting Education
Epi #21. How Cynthia Transitioned from Punishment to Parenting With Understanding™: Cycle-Breaker Spotlight

We have a fellow Cycle Breaker and member of the Parenting With Understanding™ Program, Cynthia, joining us for today’s episode. She’s courageously sharing her parenting journey with us; one that’s relatable, encouraging, and inspiring.


Cynthia is a Latina mom to a young daughter. She grew up with stereotypical, authoritarian discipline tactics: 

  • Expected to “stay in her lane”

  • Expected to act like a little adult, instead of a care-free child

  • Yelled at

  • Spanked

  • Threatened

  • People-pleasing

These behaviors were all she knew about parenting. When she became a mom, she knew she wanted to be different, but without knowledge or the proper parenting tools, she found herself repeating the same parenting style she was raised with.

Parenting With Understanding™ Program:

Over time, Cynthia noticed that her daughter seemed to comply out of fear and didn’t really trust her as a mom. This epiphany was the catalyst that caused Cynthia to make a change. She came across our Tik Tok accounts and was inspired, especially after seeing how I — a Latina, like her — respectfully interacted with my twins. It gave her the hope that lasting, healthy change was possible, even for Latinos. She began to follow along, attended an HIC webinar, and joined the Parenting With Understanding™ Program.


Cynthia dove right into the modules and applied what she was learning to her daily interactions with her daughter. It wasn't long before she noticed the positive changes in their relationship; not only in her daughter, but in herself, as well. Now, her daughter feels comfortable confiding in her and safe in her presence. She knows that Cynthia values her opinion and honors her boundaries. They now enjoy a mutually respectful relationship because Cynthia was brave enough to break her family’s cycle of corporal punishment and embrace lovingkindness and peace, instead.*

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