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Epi #19: Gentle Parenting Objections: Part 1 🙅🏻‍♀️

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Epi #19: Gentle Parenting Objections: Part 1 🙅🏻‍♀️

Gentle Parenting Objections: Part 1

If you’re like most Cycle Breakers, you’ve been on the receiving end of gentle-parenting criticism, especially when it comes to discipline!

You’ve likely heard:

Do you even discipline?

You’re letting them get away with too much!

You need to put your foot down…your kids are running the show!

If you can relate, then today’s episode is for you because Rachael and I are setting the record straight on all the misinformation regarding what proper, gentle-parenting discipline looks like.

Let’s review some of the most common discipline critiques associated with this parenting style:

No Discipline: Just because we’re intentional about not spanking, yelling, or sending our kids into time-out, lots of folks seem to internalize that as us being permissive. Interestingly, though, we do hold our children accountable, except it’s done through the lens of understanding, not shame or fear.

Speaking Gently, But Not Seeing Any Improvements: The reality is that speaking/being gentle, in and of itself, while important, isn’t enough to curb undesirable behaviors. If you’re giving orders in a soft tone, you aren’t parenting gently. You’re actually conveying an authoritarian approach, just in a soft voice, which leads to power struggles because you’re both trying to hold on to control. On the other hand, expecting compliance just because you spoke softly could also be a sign of permissiveness if you give up or offer bribes when emotions run high. 

Consequences: Just like saying things in a soft tone isn’t enough to result in cooperation, neither does imposing consequences. We like to use the analogy of getting a speeding ticket. Sure, it’ll get you to drive the speed limit for a couple weeks/months, but soon enough you’ll be back to driving over the speed limit, except you’ll try to be on the lookout for a patrol car and slow down when you see one. It’s the same principle for our kids. Consequences, alone, aren't a deterrent.

Now, imagine how much more peaceful your family life would be if you knew exactly how to correct your children’s behaviors without being punitive or permissive. Knowing how to handle the situation from the beginning, middle, and end would be the cherry on top!

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