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Epi #18: The Difference Between Gentle Parenting and Parenting With Understanding

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Epi #18: The Difference Between Gentle Parenting and Parenting With Understanding

Differences Between Gentle Parenting and Parenting With Understanding™

Nowadays, gentler parenting is gaining lots of traction, especially on social media. 

You’re bombarded with terminology like: gentle, conscious, and respectful parenting. 

You might think that Parenting With Understanding™ is just another parenting buzzword, but it’s actually much more than that! 

So, what makes Parenting With Understanding™ different? Overall, it’s all about the operative word, “understanding”! 

Below, we’ll review 3 core elements of Parenting With Understanding™

Dig Deeper:

We treat and speak to our kids gently, but understand that gentleness alone isn't enough to help them. In other words, acknowledging their emotions on the surface isn’t going to help us get to the root cause of it; we must dive deeper to unveil it because that’s what will help us meet their needs and, ultimately, correct their behavior.

Understand Behavior:

It’s important to get curious and look for early signs of troublesome behavior before they escalate and you’re blindsided by a tantrum or meltdown. Paola, a member of the Parenting With Understanding™ Program, shared how her child with ADHD, OCD, and aggression has had significantly less tantrums since understanding his triggers…not because she stopped them, but because she’s ahead of the game by recognizing those early signs.


No permissiveness or punishments here! We hold our kids accountable by a different standard; one that educates them on positive behaviors, through modeling, which gives them the skills to correct their own behavior, making consequences unnecessary.

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